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2011年8月12日 星期五

新 blog


見有很多blog 友都 upgrade 左去新 blog.


我都唔知點做好, 用慣左依度唔想轉, 唔轉遲些都唔得.


唯有用下新, 用下這兒....看邊度ok 啦...


為免upgrade 左 去唔番這兒, 我另外開了新blog:

upgrade 左的BLOG 友, 就關注我的新BLOG, 大家可以聯系番...


如果遲些這兒無得玩, 就去新那邊尋找我啦...

2011年8月8日 星期一


上次講過衰衰答應做小記者, 參加了 party 影埋相, 最後要寫一篇文章講下這個 PARTY, 原來都已經快一個月啦...

佢終於再催完再催的情況下, 完成了....,

因為每次佢都只是寫一段, 催了數次, 終於完成一篇文章 haha 





On 10 July 2011, I went to a Disney's Junior Party.  Many little children joined the party too.  Some children was playing sword fight while the party begun.


When the party began, a pirate captain said the little children needed to complete six missions in order to get the secret prize at the end of the party.


Their first mission was to try to dance the "Hot Dog Dance".  Many kids did not dance vey well.  It was a mess.  However, everyone liked it very much and found it exciting.

The Second mission was to find the treasure map.  Everyone found the treasure map.  Then the pirate captain said that when they finish a mission they would get a gold coin and a gold sticker to stick on the map.

The third mission was to do the "Yo-Ho-Dance' and it was the similar to "Hot Dog Dance" and everyone did not dance very well.  However, it was very fun to dance.

The fourth mission was to watch the new cartoon episode "Jake and The never Land Pirates", everybody watched it.  Everyone liked it.  It was nice.

The fifth mission was to make a basket and some tools using paper.  The parents helped their children.  Everyone did it very fast.  It was fun to do the craft work.

And their last mission was to see another new cartoon called "The Super Cat".  It was very interesting.  Everyone liked it.


When they finished all the six missions, they all got yummy cup cakes and drinks.  The pirate captain gave them a speical gift box as souvenirs.  There were a camera and some other stickers.  Many children ate the cup cakes very fast because the cup cakes have "Jake' on it.

The party was very funny.  I really loved this party.  I would like to go to party again.


from 小記者...MR. WONG