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2007年8月5日 星期日


just back from Thailand.  very relaxing as don't need to work, just plan to play and eat and shopping.

We ate many different kind of styling food - Japanese, Thai, curry, sharkfin, many fruit, ......

My son found that Thailand released totally 13 pcs (26 titles) of magicschoolbus VCD.  He said it is not the same as those at HK and US (which we ordered at moviemars).  We bought all the titles as = HK$30.00.  i think it is cheaper than HK's version.  It is more than enought for his summer's holiday entertainment.

Bought many boots's products - 50% discount off at Thailand's price, i think equal to 20-30% off of HK's price.

We went to the Farm, really very very big.  It is very clean as i expect before.  We feed the baby cow using the milk bottle.  We saw how to get milk from the cow.  using the machine already nowaday.  Many animal's show as well.  Pony riding etc...  Highly recommend to there to have a visit at Asia.  i don't know whether it is good if compare with the farm at Europe or Australia.

We went to the car racing - but not my son, he is not enough height for kid's car ( 5cm less).  What a pity.  

Really heavy traffic jam at Thailand Bangkok, we have missed the fight due to the traffic jam for more than 1.5hrs from hotel to airport and need to charge us the additional charge for the next day's fight. + the additional hotel.  

Tomorrow back to normal, go to work and earn the $$ for next trip.  HAHA



Actually we are 自由行, our family normally go to BKK once or twice per year ka. Not following the duckling tour bor.  brief itin. as follows:

day 1

arrive BKK at evening.
eating famous Han Nam Chicken Rice and soup
the Chicken rice only HK$8 per person.  Yummy, the chicken without bones and all bones they will use to cook the soup.

go to Big C (hyper super supermarket at BKK, cheapest among others)

day 2

go to Central dept store for shopping.

eating at foodloft - like city super

go to massage/SPA - Aroma massage body with oil, cost around HK$180/1.5 hours

went to eat the famous seafood, BBQ prawns, crab etc... YMMY.

went to Night market (not me, my son, my parent, only my sister's family as i'm afraid it is very crowd and all the stuffs sold is not a cup of tea for my son).  

day 3

My honey came.  
We go to eating the hot pot for lunch (popular at BKK, they sold the dishes at very small portion so that you can eat and try more different kind of foods)

went to Siam Paragon, this is the largest shopping mall at Asia.  they have a large 水族館, like Ocean Park.  Many Shark and feed the Shark and 企鵝.  

went to massage again, as last time is very comfort and those members said we want it again and want massage longer, so we massage for 3 hours.  My son wait for us and playing NDS games/sleeping at that time.

day 4

After breakfast, we went to car racing, for Adult and for kids (7-14 yrs old).  Kid's car is slower than Adult.

details will follow, we went to the indoor car racing.  At BKK, they have two car racing places.  One is indoor and one is outdoor.  My honey, My sister's sons and their fathers playing only.  Not my son.  But my son watched them to race is very exciting and he played the computer car racing instead at that place.

Very safe and like real car racing as their staffs will hold the flag and follow all the policy.

Eating Sharkfin at China Town, buying famous hand-letter .....

day 5

go to farm a whole day.  Actually only stay there for 4 hours, we rent a taxi and the driver to wait for us and drive us back to hotel.  need 2 hours from hotel to the farm

day 6

After breakfast , we went to the fruit local market which Choi Lan went before, bought some fruit, the king-size Laigee, very sweet.

shopping at the afternoon and back to hotel for swimming

Went to famous sea-food again for curry crab etc.

At the evening, we went to try the new Ginger foot massage, after massage, they used the ginger to put in to your foot and then add several hot towels and you will felt very very hot, they said it is for the blood circulation, keep out the wind at your body ....., my parent said it is very good and really very hot.  after removing all the towels and ginger, i also felt very hot.

we massage every two days.  HAHA.  Very comfort and worth, really relax and better than the massage at China.

day 7

After breakfast, we went to the last chance of shopping, my son bought many toys, super-man, spider-man, ultraman, disney's clothes,  it is only around HK$50@.  It is already a real/famous brand.

perpare to go back to HK.  but unluckily, there are heavy traffic jam and we missed the fight.  This is the last flight at that day and we need to book the hotel near airport and booked the flight the first flight for the next day.

2007年6月30日 星期六

jack sparrows pirate's night


之前在 mtr 已裝備定, 因為今天是參加 迪迪尼的 pirate's night, 因為這段時期迪迪尼有pirate 出現.......

一放學就入去玩了, 有旅客見衰衰甘得意, 話幫我們合照..........

little pirate 出現啦

中途遇見一個 pirate, 給了枝 劍衰衰對打..........

jack sparrows 出現啦, 這個演員都真係有d 似 電影的 jack sparrows...


同 jack sparrows 合照........